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All works ship directly from the artist’s studio unless otherwise noted.  Select works on paper are available from Alex Ferrone Gallery.

Online purchasing direct from the studio is currently available for US collectors only.  Pricing in USD includes ground shipping.  All artworks are shipped via UPS and are insured for the sale price. A signature is required for receipt of all artworks.

All major credit cards are accepted via Paypal. Ethereum is also accepted as a form of payment via the ENS domain colingoldberg.eth.

If shipping materials are in stock, work will ship within 3 business days. If shipping materials need to be ordered, work will ship within 10 business days. Availability of shipping materials will be confirmed after submission of an order.

If you are interested in making an offer on a particular work, please use the enquiry form on the page that the work resides on.  If you are interested in multiple works or have any purchasing-related questions, please contact the artist directly via the contact form here.

All works are final sale and are not refundable.


Paintings up to 63″x48″ are shipped using MasterPak TitanStrongBoxes®, which are carefully engineered to combine absolutely the best components available anywhere, utilizing the strongest grades of corrugated sheets and the highest quality foam. Every box comes with three layers of foam protection in a strong, humidity-resistant corrugated container.

Lined TitanStrongBoxes are fortified with hard ABS Puncture Guard liners, which are affixed to the inside of the box’s top and bottom panels. Testing shows these liners provide the pack with the puncture resistance of 3/8” plywood, ensuring extra safety for the shipping of valuable artwork.

The foam protection includes one perforated layer sandwiched between two layers of convoluted (egg carton) foam. You can easily customize the middle layer by centering your framed art on top of the middle layer of foam and marking the four corners with a marker. Remove the artwork and tear out the perforated squares within the four marks. If the mark falls in the middle of a perforated square, take care to make the opening one square smaller rather than larger. This ensures that the framed artwork will be hugged in place on all four sides and snugly encased by the foam. Multiple layers provide superior shock absorption.

Painting shipping

Artwork: Koma #2, 2019. Private collection, Hawaii USA.

Works on paper are shipped using PrintPak® Lined Art Shipping Sleeves, which function as a “container within a container,” providing multiple layers of protection. PrintPak sleeves are carefully engineered to combine absolutely the best combination of components available anywhere, utilizing the strongest grades of corrugated and puncture-resistant sheets. ABS plastic Puncture Guard liners provide extra safety for the shipping of valuable artwork.

Works on Paper

Artwork: Nimbus, 2018. Private collection, Maine USA.