ART NOW 2023 - Opening reception at Hearst Tower, NYC. November 15, 2022. With Curator Betty Levin.

Curated by Betty Levin

Opening Reception at Hearst Tower, NYC.

November 15, 2022.


Kneeling Icon is a 100 x 75 inch digital monoprint on vinyl from my Metagraph series of digital drawings.  The composition was originally drawn in 2004 using vector-based graphics tools on a drawing tablet.  The work was reborn on the blockchain in 2022 as an animated audiovisual NFT.

This piece combines the physical and digital aspects of the work.  When the physical work is viewed through the free Artivive AR app on a mobile device, it transforms into the animated NFT on the gallery wall, as recorded in the video on this page.

Press play on the video to view the animated AR (augmented reality) component to this artwork.

I am very honored to be exhibiting alongside Ai Weiwei at Hearst Tower in Manhattan (photo: Ai Weiwei, Tree #11, tree parts and metal bolts, 2009-2010). His work on display resides in Hearst’s permanent collection. In the accompanying video is my work Kneeling Icon, digital monoprint on vinyl with AR-triggered NFT, 100 x 75 inches, 2004-2022.